Wendy Williams’ Son Still Sour After Giving Dad A Beatdown, Despite Dad’s Latest Attempts

Posted On : June 9, 2019

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Although Wendy Williams is suspected of being on the verge toward reconciling with her husband, Kevin Hunter, Sr., when it comes to their 19 year old son, Kevin Jr., it’s apparently whole ‘notha story.

Word on the Old School curb is that the lingering effects of that beatdown Kevin Jr. delivered to his Pops weeks ago, during their public altercation, has left Jr. sour as hell…and understandably so. Though I do not condone any child putting paws on their parents, based on the police report, it seems that Kevin Sr. may have taken things too far and the boiling point was tipped.

Now, Sr. has reportedly been trying to reach out to their son, but the cold shoulder Jr. is said to be given him is remaining stern:

Kevin Sr. has made no headway toward patching things up since the fight that ended with Junior’s arrest. We’re told he’s getting iced out, despite several attempts to reach out and talk to his son. -TMZ

Kevin Sr. is also still blaming Wendy for their son’s behavior toward him apparently:

Wendy’s ex thinks he and his son should settle their differences on their own — but he believes Wendy is behind the decision to go radio silent. -TMZ

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