We’re Floored Over The Controversial TV Star Whoopi Goldberg’s Daughter Almost Married

Posted On : July 10, 2021
Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg almost gained an R&B son-in-law, or depending on who you ask, she might have actually dodged a bullet with this guy. Her daughter, Alexandrea “Alex” Martin, was dating this guy for a few years and they were also engaged to be married.

Here’s a hint: He’s a popular R&B cat in the music industry who is loved and hated by many. Scroll down to see if your guess was right…

Who Was Almost Whoopi’s Son-In-Law?

Music producer/reality star, Stevie J, with his then-fiancee,’ Alexandrea “Alex” Martin. Alexandrea is also Whoopi Goldberg’s eldest daughter

Well looka here! Whoopi’s almost son-in-law was music producer/Love & Hip Hop ATL reality TV star, Stevie J! Who would have thought it?!!

Like we mentioned earlier, Stevie J and Alexandrea were together for a total of six years and in 2007, Stevie J proposed to Alexandrea with a diamond ring and matching bracelet.

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Stevie J and Alex never actually made it to the wedding chapel and Stevie said this to JasmineBrand about why he thinks he and Alex didn’t last:

Stevie J- “Sometimes your friends are your best friends, and you shouldn’t have so much as a friend, and then we became best friends don’t have a relationship with them. I grew to love her as a best friend, then it became something far out of our control. When you throw the ‘L’ word around then emotions start getting crazy. But I realized that if someone is that special to you and you cherish them as a friend, then, don’t try to make it a relationship.”

On whether or not Stevie J thinks that Whoopi had anything to do with their breakup:

“I was the best thing to happened to her, so her mother would definitely want to welcome that, as opposed to wanting to end that.”

If you know anything about Stevie J from Love and Hip Hop ATL, you probably know that he is a helluva music producer and a super talented musician, but you also may have heard that he has a unique way of dealing with the many ladies in his life. As we all know, he’s just married singer, Faith Evans, so we’ll have to sit back and wait to see how that goes. However, after Stevie and Alex broke off their engagement, he became involved with reality TV stars, Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez. But before ALL of them (including Alex), he was dating rapper, Eve. All three of the latter relationships ended up being a mess…

Stevie J with then-girlfriend, Eve

Eve and Stevie J looked like the perfect hip hop couple in the ’90s and it’s been said that Eve’s 90’s hit “Gotta Man” was about her love for Stevie. It wasn’t until after they broke up that the infamous sex tape came out of allegedly Stevie J and Eve and it was never confirmed who leaked the tape though. Stevie has adamantly said it wasn’t him….hmmmm….moving on…

Stevie J with the mother of his child and his then-girlfriend, “Love and Hip Hop ATL” star Mimi Faust

Mimi and and Stevie J were constantly screaming at each other and cursing each other out on national TV over whose cheating on who, and who is now dating whomever. They have a daughter together who is as cute as pie. On a side note, Mimi made a sex video also and Stevie J had nothing to do with it, because he wasn’t even on it. Mimi proved that she had moved on from her ex, Stevie, when she showed the world all she had to offer (literally) on a sex vid’ with her then new man, Nikko Smith, who is also no longer her man.

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J were quite the reality TV couple and if Stevie doesn’t watch out, Joseline might end up catching him with an uppercut if he makes her mad enough. She’s already popped him once before in a previous season of Love and Hip Hop ATL, so a second time around wouldn’t come as a surprise. However, since she’s no longer on the show it may just happen behind closed doors…who knows?

Faith Evans with husband, Stevie J

Stevie J seems to have settled down in the drama department nowadays though. Ever since marrying R B songstress, Faith Evans, he’s been [mostly] tamed down as far as relationship drama goes…and that’s a cool thing to witness for them both.