Whoa! Here’s Why Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Just Hit Him With Massive $60M Lawsuit

Posted On : May 19, 2017
Steve and Wynton Harvey
Steve and Wynton Harvey

Ex-Wife’s Recent Statements:

The latest report follows Mary’s exclusive interview last month where she blasted Steve for ruining her life. For those who missed it, Mary explained how Steve’s current wife Marjorie was actually an employee who worked for a company she’d built with her ex-husband. She also blasted Steve for his alleged affair with Marjorie and labeled him a “serial cheater,” which ultimately led to their divorce. However, this wasn’t the first time Mary blasted Steve for cheating. For years, she’s made her opinion of him very clear.

“When I think about how quickly he moved forward from me to Marjorie, that was disturbing,” Mary said, according to New York Daily News. She continued, “The not having closure part was really devastating, but on top of that, he took my Wynton,” she claimed. “He took my Wynton from me. He turned my son against me.”

Here’s the most recent video:

Since she’d been with Steve since his humble beginnings and helped him to build the enterprise he now has, she feels entitled to the wealth she helped to create. Not one to mince words, Mary offered a straightforward perspective on all the drama. She also revealed how the divorce damaged her relationship with their son,¬†Wynton.

Wynton with Steve's new wife, Marjorie.
Wynton with Steve’s new wife, Marjorie.

Steve Harvey has been at the center of controversy for the past couple months.¬†He’s been scrutinized for his personal and professional life, along with his political views and if Mary has anything to do with it, it looks like he’ll be facing controversy for quite some time. Steve Harvey’s representatives have yet to release a statement in response to the lawsuit.