Jada & Will Smith Help Tyrese In A Major Way After Meltdown & Revealing He’s Broke

Posted On : November 5, 2017

For the past two months, we’ve all been watching Tyrese go through some serious pain and drama over the custody battle for his 11 year old daughter, Shayla Gibson. Ever since he’s been kept away from her- following his ex-wife’s allegations that he’d beaten Shayla in an alleged incident at his home, which Tyrese denies- it seems Tyrese has been on a major downward spiral emotionally.

Tyrese with his daughter, Shayla Gibson

Recap Of Tyrese’s Meltdown

He had an emotional breakdown recently on Instagram, where he cried, pleaded, and slammed his Fast N’ Furious co-star, The Rock, for blacking his money; as well as his ex, Norma, for affecting his relationship with his daughter. He also shocked fans during his meltdown, by revealing that he is damn near broke as a result of the legal fees he’s had to dish out to battle for his daughter. Tyrese ultimately broke down when he started taking about the possibility that he may lose custody of Shayla altogether, because he has no money and no one to help him. Pleading, “Please don’t take my daughter!!!,” Tyrese had even the his biggest critics feeling his pain- the pain of a father who needs to and actually wants to be in his child’s life.

Child Abuse Case Dropped

2016, Tyrese with ex, Norma, and their daughter

Then came some good news on Nov. 2- that the ‘Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services closed their investigation and will not be seeking any criminal charges against Tyrese,’ according to The Blast.

Although the investigation was closed though, it’s still remains unclear where the custody battle and pending restraining order Norma has against Tyrese- blocking him from her and Shayla- stands at this point. But now, Tyrese has just released even more great news this Sunday morning and it involves the Smiths…

What Will & Jada Just Did For Tyrese!!!

After publicly asking for help from any of his ‘millionaire friends’ in his severe time of need, Will Smith and wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, just came through for the brotha in a MAJOR way. Tyrese says they have just given him $5 MILLION to help him stay afloat, as he continues to push to get his daughter back and maintain the enormous bills he’s racked up throughout the process. He and his pregnant wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, can rest better at night knowing that at least two of their struggles are over for now. Here are the kind words of gratitude Tyrese shared Sunday morning in an Instagram post, thanking Will and Jada for their generosity:

Tyrese’s Instagram post, Sunday, November 5, 2017.

tyrese#5Million My wife just started my morning off on the right foot….. When we show UP for each-other there’s nothing that can’t be done ! repeat nothing…… My wife kept the news away from me cause I’ve been on with lawyers all day but our family and our sister Jada-Pinkett Smith and my brother Will Smith just sent us 5 million to help keep us afloat- You’ve guys asked me to get off and stay off the Internet now that my daughters legal fees will be paid ! will listen….. The Smiths’s and their whole family has always shown up for The Gibson’s Uncle Will and Charlie Mack y’all an uncles for real….. #ShaylaRocks

Wow!!! When the Smiths come through for a friend, they REALLY come trough! Big ups to Will and Jada for having such kind hearts for their fellow actor in crisis.

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