Woman Who Critically Stabbed Mary J. Blige’s Dad Didn’t Get Punishment Many Expected

Posted On : September 21, 2021
Mary J. Blige (L) with her sister, Latonya Blige, and their dad, Thomas Blige

When Mary J. Blige’s father, Thomas Blige, was severely stabbed multiple times, medical staff did not know if he’d make it through. The woman who stabbed him also had an uncertain fate, as she faced life in prison. What she ended up getting, however, shocked many.

Mary J.’s Dad Explained The Stabbing Incident…
In 2014, Mary J. Blige’s then-63-year-old father, Thomas Blige, was listed in critical condition after being stabbed with a kitchen knife in his throat, lung, and arm, by his then 50 year old girlfriend, Cheryl White. He remained hospitalized for a while and Cheryl was arrested on an ‘assault with intent to murder’ charge.

Mary J. Blige’s sister, Latonya Blige, with their dad, Thomas BligeĀ 

The incident went down in Battle Creek, Michigan, outside of Thomas friend’s apartment at 6:59 a.m. on January 23, 2014. Thankfully, Thomas Blige made a remarkable recovery…and by the time Cheryl White’s trial in August of that same year, he was able to tell the judge how his girlfriend stabbed him:

“I was up early getting ready for school and I saw Cheryl White slashing my tires,” Thomas Blige told Judge Frank Line. “As I went to her she started slashing me. She said something out of anger like, ‘you won’t mess with me.'”

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