Woman Who Critically Stabbed Mary J. Blige’s Dad Didn’t Get Punishment Many Expected

Posted On : September 21, 2021

Mugshot of Thomas Blige’s girlfriend, Cheryl White [Calhoun County Sheriff Department]

Thomas Blige Tried To Save Himself
Thomas also told the judge that after Cheryl stabbed him, he made it back to his friend’s apartment, who then called 911, as Thomas bled out of his neck, chest, and arm.

Mary J. Blige and her dad months after stabbing attack [Facebook]

They Had A Domestic Dispute A Day Earlier…
Mary J.’s father explained that the reason he was staying at his friend’s apartment was because he and Cheryl had a domestic dispute the day before she stabbed him:

“Me and Cheryl have serious domestic problems,” Blige said. “The day before we were fighting and the police were called. We have verbal fights multiple times. An enormous number of times.”

Thomas denied Cheryl’s claim, that he tried to attack her after he’d caught her slashing his car tires:

“I saw her stabbing my tires,” Blige said. “And I saw a knife when I ran up to her. … “I didn’t chase her, I approached her. I was trying to embrace her out of love. I have never harmed her; I love her and I don’t like the situation she is in.”

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