WOW! Steve Harvey’s Stepson Makes A Confession That Brings Steve Harvey To Tears

Posted On : December 9, 2016

Ok, ILOSM we all know and love Steve Harvey, and we especially enjoyed that in the past couple of years, he’s been in the “give back & inspirational” stage of his life. He saw part of that “give back” come full circle when he family appeared on the Steve Harvey show in 2015. Not sure how we missed this, but Steve Harvey invited his family on the his show and he was blown away by how he’s affected seven of the most special people in his life.

Since his impact on their lives is so great, they came up with an amazing way to visually express their love for him.


On the Steve Harvey Show, one by one the children took center stage to reflect on their fondest moments with their father. The seven Harvey kids – which included Steve’s four biological children from his previous two marriages and his wife, Marjorie Bridges-Woods’ three biological children he helped raise – all spoke from their hearts. They laughed and shared emotional tears of joy.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.26.06 AM

But it was Steve’s stepson who bought him to tears. Check out the heartwarming clip starting at the 4 minute mark.


By the end of the emotional segment, Steve was left in tears. He admitted that all he’s done – his entire career and the successful moves he’s made – was for the betterment of his family. “I got 4 full-time jobs for them. So that when I am done, I want you all to just have remembered that somebody cared more about you than himself.”