Wow! Stevie Can Tell If A Woman Is “Pretty Or Ugly” By Doing This…

Posted On : August 7, 2015

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pianist/songwriter, Duke Elllington, his musical idol penned a song, “Satin Doll,” explaining that a “Satin doll” is a woman who is as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. Stevie said there is much truth to this observation because he can tell a “Satin Doll” by listening to her talk. As she expresses herself he can feel her vibrations, and her personality. He added: “If what comes out is pretty on the inside, then I know she has to be pretty on the outside.” And he asserts that this is true, regardless of the woman’s racial identity.


On if he’s ever been told he’s dated a White woman, or if he can tell whether or not he’s dating a White or Black woman:

Stevie smiled and responded: “Well I didn’t know what color he was. Just kidding, just kidding,” he chuckled.
I have dated women of other cultures before, and I have love for African American women. And I will marry an African American woman, but I have respect for all people and all cultures.” He said that for most men “beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So what they can’t see, they have to touch and if it feels good for them or it doesn’t feel good for them, that’s their decision to make.”

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Stevie admitted that sometimes things can get tricky for him when putting his “Satin Doll” formula to the test with some women:

[Stevie said] “A woman’s words can fool you…but that person can never fool you with sincerity and spirit.”

He then knows that she is truly beautiful long after she “takes everything off” because he is then “able to see within, far deeper and that is beautiful, then it’s really great.”


That’s what I’m talking about Stevie! That is a wise outlook on beauty right there! Do you agree ILOSM family?

Based on Stevie’s track record with the women in his life so far, his “Satin Doll” formula has not let him down. Look at the beautiful leading ladies Stevie has kept by his side throughout the years…

stevie and current girlfriend
Stevie Wonder with his current girlfriend and mother of two of their children, 40 year old Tomeeka Robyn Bracy.
stevie and ex wife
Stevie Wonder with ex-wife and mother of two of their children, Kai Millard Morris
stevie and first wife syreeta
Stevie Wonder with his ex-wife, the late Syreeta Wright. She was also a singer and songwriter

If only everyone could see the world through Stevie’s eyes, there would be a lot less hate and judgement based on superficial attributes and physical characteristics and there would be a lot more love goin’ round, just like Stevie said in his classic, “Love’s In Need Of Love Today.”

Old School Fun Fact: Stevie and his first wife, Syreeta…