Y’all Remember This “I Will Be A Freak” Singer? Look At Her Now!!!

Posted On : October 11, 2014

Adina Howard
If you don’t know, she rose to fame during the mid-1990s with her debut album, Do You Wanna Ride? and her debut single, “Freak Like Me.” She’s known for her sexual image and provocative songs. Remember the days when you couldn’t ride down the street without hearing “I need a freak in the morning, a freak in the evening…just like me…” blaring from somebody’s car speakers? Adina had the same type of uninhibited free spirit as Millie Jackson and that’s why so many loved her style.

Fast forward to 2014, the sensual “Freak in the Morning” singer has turned over a new leaf in her life, reminding all of us that times change and people evolve. Well our girl Adina Howard is fulfilling her new passion as Chef Adina on a resort in Arizona. She’s really diggin’ her job, and has a very interesting way of comparing her cooking skills to music.

Her AMAZING transformation is why we’ve covered this artist…so click the Next Page to see what she looks like now, and tell us what you think of her new career and look!