Y’all Remember This “I Will Be A Freak” Singer? Look At Her Now!!!

Posted On : October 11, 2014

adina chef outfit

She decided to go to school to study culinary arts. It may seem like a stretch from singer to chef but Adina said the transition was natural for her. She wanted to pursue a skill that would allow her to live a life that wasn’t so public. So she prayed about it.

“Lord, you know who I am because you did this. You know I can’t just have any job. Find me a job where I will not be questioned.”

“To me, food is another form of entertainment and it’s also a form of seduction. I just want to be inside you.” Adina talked about the immediate gratification she gets from cooking for people. You touch them in ways that music can’t touch them. You actually savor the food, it marinates on the inside. You stay with them for a while.”

(via Madame Noire)

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