Years After Jasmine Guy’s Bitter Divorce From Ex, Their Adult Daughter’s Following Her Path

Posted On : May 12, 2019

Jasmine Guy with her then husband, Terrence Duckett [Pinterest]
Jasmine Guy’s and Terrence Duckett’s daughter, Imani Guy Duckett, is getting her feet wet in the acting game and following in her Mom’s footsteps. When we found out Imani was acting now, we were like ‘Wow!,’ but when we saw her, we were really like ‘Wooow!’ That’s because the last time, we’d seen pics of Imani, she was a little girl, so we hadn’t realized that much time had gone by. Fast forward to today and she’s become a talented actress, who is on the brink of stepping outside of her Mom’s shadow and carving her own space in the acting game. Check her out below…

Throwback Photo Of Jasmine Guy’s & Terrence Duckett’s Daughter Then…
This is the Imani we remember, but now Jasmine Guy’s baby is 20 years old and coming into her own as an actress….

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Their Daughter, Imani Duckett, NOW…
As you can see, Imani is all grown up now…

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In 2016, Imani made her acting debut in the stage play, “Serial Black Face.”

Imani Guy Duckett in a theatrical play, [Instagram]
The play is about main character, “Vivian (Tinashe Kajese)”, a single mom who has son that’s missing during the chaos of the 1979 Atlanta Child Murders. After “Vivian” marries “Hugh” (Gilbert Glen Brown), his teenage daughter, Latoya (Imani Duckett shown in a scene from “Serial Black Faces” above) is not feeling her and tensions rise between them.

Since then, Imani’s been gettin’ her acting on in various projects and we cannot wait to see what else is in store for her.