Years After Sommore Told Why They’re Not Close, Her Sister Nia Long Finally Speaks Out About Her

Posted On : April 14, 2019

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They both have built their brands separately for decades and throughout it all, most of their fans never knew they were sisters. Actress, Nia Long (48), and comedian/actress, Sommore (52), are legends in their own right, but even when I Love Old School Music revealed, in 2016, that they were of the same bloodline, only one of them had spoken publicly on the matter – Sommore.

Though it’s unclear why, Nia never spilled the beans about them back then, her big sis’ made it clear why she personally doesn’t like to talk about Nia in public (we’ll get to that in a minute though).

Fast forward to now, however, and the Boyz N’ The Hood veteran has finally said something to let her fans know that Sommore is in fact her sis.’ ‘Bout time!

Here’s what Nia Long recently shared online about Sommore.

In a short n’ sweet caption that read, “The funny one in the family. @sommore ❤️😜 #mybigsistergotjokes,” Long shared a side by side photo of herself and Sommore. Of course many of her fans were stunned as hell to say the least, but there’s more…

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