Years After Sommore Told Why They’re Not Close, Her Sister Nia Long Finally Speaks Out About Her

Posted On : April 14, 2019

Sommore’s Confession
Sommore admitted that she and Nia weren’t raised together. She revealed they speak to each other in public and are cordial but don’t have a bond. During a previous interview, she initially didn’t reveal Nia was her sister because she wanted to solidify her own career without the help of Nia’s big name.

But, what does it mean now that the world knows they’re related? Well, Sommore was asked whether or not she gets asked about Nia. Of course, she offered a hilarious response:

“No. Most men that I run into already have a crush on Nia. You don’t know how many men offer, ‘Please can I come to the family reunion, please…?’”

So that’s the real reason we don’t see them together.

Now Check Out their Pops:
Nia Long and Sommore have different Mothers but share the same father.

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They apparently inherited their creative, entertaining spirit from their Pops, Doughtry “Doc” Long (pictured above (L) with Nia Long and her husband), a notable poet and author of “Timbuktu Blues” and “Rules for Cool.” Doc was also a longtime teacher of literature and creative writing at Trenton Central, located in Trenton, New Jersey.

Pretty sure he’s extremely proud of the successful women both of his daughters have become.