Billy Dee Williams Shows His Adorable Multicultural Grandbabies & Now Some Fans Are Confused

Posted On : June 17, 2019

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Here, at I Love Old School Music, we love the legendary, Billy Dee Williams. The brotha is still as cool as he was when he was asking Diana if she was trying make his ‘hand fall off’ in Lady Sings The Blues. He’s as smooth as he was in those epic Colt 45 commercials. And of course when it comes to the ‘sex symbol’s’ looks, the man is out here representin’ his 82 years well.

Although Billy Dee’s die-hard fans know much about him, there are still several aspects about his personal life that is largely unknown. No worries though ILOSM fam,’ we gotchu covered. We did a lil’ digging about his wife, kids, and grandkids, thus finding interesting fun facts that may have some scratching their heads.

For starters, Billy Dee Williams’ precious grandbabies have some fans perplexed. Though they’re just as adorable as they wanna be, upon first glance, fans were kinda confused about how they were related to Billy? Why? Because his grandbabies could easily be mistaken as being of another race. Regardless, he loves his grandchildren more than life itself.

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