Billy Dee Williams Shows His Adorable Multicultural Grandbabies & Now Some Fans Are Confused

Posted On : June 17, 2019

Meet Billy Dee’s Wife…

Many of Billy Dee’s fans had no earthly idea he’s been married for the past 47 years, to his 79 year old wife, Teruko Nakagami (pictured below in throwback pic with their son)…

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When Billy and Teruko first met, they each had one child from previous marriages. Teruko had daughter, Miyako (b. 1962), with her ex-husband/jazz legend, Wayne Shorter (who is also African American). Billy Dee had son, Corey Dee Williams (b. 1960), with his first wife, Audrey Sellers. Teruko is Billy Dee’s 3rd wife and once they wed in 1972, they eventually had their daughter, Hanako Williams (b. 1973).

Meet Their Kids…

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Daughter, Hanako (pictured above with her dad and son), is married to her Caucasian husband, Liam Toohey. Billy Dee’s and Teruko’s 2 adorable grandbabies belong to Hanoka and Liam…

Hanako with husband, Liam, and their children (Billy Dee’s grandkids) [@LiamToohey Facebook]
Hanako works as the general manager for an upscale Beverly Hills, Ca. art gallery.

Corey Dee Williams (pictured below) lives a private, yet eclectic lifestyle. He’s a die-hard “Star Wars” fan and . Get this, he was even his dad’s stunt double in the Star Wars “Return of the Jedi” and several other TV and film roles. films. He’s also a fitness trainer, who’s worked with many legends in the entertainment game.

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Not much is known about Teruko’s and Wayne Shorter’s daughter, Miyako, other than…well, the fact that her name is Miyako.

And there ya’ have it ILOSM fam!’ The confusion and mystery surrounding Billy Dee Williams loving photo of his grandbabies is solved.