Billy Dee Williams Shows His Adorable Multicultural Grandbabies & Now Some Fans Are Confused

Posted On : June 17, 2019

Billy Dee Proudly Shares Pic Of His Grandkids…

Billy Dee Williams shared the below photo of himself with his grandkids online, stating, “Hard to put into words the love you feel when holding your grandchildren. #LuckiestGuyInTheWorld”

Billy Dee Williams with his grandchildren [Instagram]
As you can see, they are happy and love their Grandpops. Fans flocked to Billy’s photo to show his grandbabies some love, and while at it, some were curious as to who they belonged to.

Apparently some fans assumed his grandson was Hispanic, while others assumed his granddaughter is Caucasian. So, let us offer a bit of clarity about Billy Dee Williams multicultural fam…

Billy Dee’s Family Tree…

As we previously reported, Billy Dee’s family tree is one of mixed raced heritage. His wife is Asian, and thus their children are Blasian (Black and Asian). From there, some of their children have created multiracial children with their partners as well. So without further ado, let us introduce y’all to Billy Dee’s beautiful fam.’

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