After Ex-Wife’s ‘Broke’ Shade, R.Kelly Pays Her & Lawyer Tries To Explain How He Got The Money

Posted On : June 19, 2019

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It’s only been a few days since R. Kelly’s ex-wife-turned-reality-TV-star, Drea Kelly threw major shade at and he subsequently clapped back. Now tough, it seems their beef is squashed…for now. That is because according to the “12 Play” crooner’s attorney, he is finally all caught up on his delinquent child support fees to Drea. There are only a few questions left unanswered and his lawyer is trying like hell to make it all make since.

How Much R. Kelly Just Paid Drea Kelly…

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In case you haven’t been keeping up with the ‘R. Kelly vs. Drea’ drama, Drea was heated because Kellz hadn’t paid her the remaining $32,000.00 he owed from his back child support, plus interest, after already paying her a lump sum of $161,633.00 months ago.

Kellz’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg , has now spoken out to confirm that R. Kelly has just paid Drea her $32K and “doesn’t owe one more single solitary cent,” according to TMZ. However, Kellz will still have to face the same money issue when that $21,000.00 monthly child support due date comes around next month…and the month after that…and so on, and so forth.

Greenberg also assured that R. Kelly will no longer be slackin’ off with paying Drea her hefty payments each month, but now that leaves several questions…

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