Family Of R.Kelly’s Current Girlfriend Sheds Very Different Light On Sex Slave Claims

Posted On : July 20, 2017
R. Kelly

Now that the media firestorm has shot through the roof after two parents claimed their 21 year old daughter was being held captive by R.Kelly, more information continues to surface. This time it’s in Kellz’ favor though…sort of. The family of a woman who currently lives with Kelly and refers to him as “her man,” is giving new insight into what really goes down behind the doors of Kelly’s homes. See what they revealed below.

Family: R.Kelly Is Guilty, But Not Of Anything Illegal

Via TMZ: R. Kelly is guilty of pampering women with so much luxury they become dependent on him and don’t want to leave, even though they can … according to family members of one of the women. Our sources, related to the woman — who was 20 when she moved in with Kelly last year — say she met him backstage during a concert meet and greet. She communicated with the singer for about 6 months before he asked her to live with him … and she agreed.

According to the woman’s family, she’s free to leave at will and is not being held captive. They say she’s flown back home on several occasions, by herself, to visit her family for about a week per visit. Then she returns back to one of Kelly’s cribs because she says he’s “her man.”

R. Kelly with 19 year old woman he’s reportedly dating, but it’s unclear if her family is the one speaking out.

Fam’ Explains Why ‘Girlfriend’ Stays With Kelly?

They believe their family member continues to stay with Kelly because she’s living the glamorous life:

Via TMZ: Our sources say the woman has been flown to Beverly Hills for shopping sprees, and Kelly also buys high-priced handbags, lingerie, shoes and spa trips for all of the girlfriends. We’re told Kelly openly says he “wants to shower them in luxury.”

Although the family doesn’t think Kelly is necessarily doing anything criminally wrong, one of the family members feels that Kelly uses a “calculating, methodical process to groom naive girls.”

No Sign Of Physical Abuse Says ‘Girlfriend’s’ Family

They also addressed the allegations of physical and mental abuse at Kelly’s homes, stating that their family member has never said she was being physically abused, nor have they seen any evidence of that. They did reportedly confirm to TMZ, that the allegation that Kelly keeps the ladies’ mobile phones when they’re inside of his home is true.

Overall, the young lady’s family says they don’t believe Kelly is doing anything illegal with the women, they just think he’s being psychologically manipulative over the young ladies, by giving them the world and making them dependent on him.

The ‘Sex Slave’ Scandal Recap:

21 yr. old daughter of the parents claiming R.Kelly’s brainwashed her and holding her against her will.

Earlier this week, the parents of another woman living with Kelly, 21 year old Joycelyn Savage, along with three other women claiming to be former associates of Kelly, referred to his Atlanta and Chicago homes as ‘sex cults.’ They claimed he kept a stash of women in both homes and used them for sex, while keeping them in captivity, not allowing them to post on social media, nor take photos at his home. They also claimed they had to ask to use the bathroom and were filmed during sex with Kellz.

Joycelyn came back blasting her parents by saying her dad was the one who sent her to live with Kelly two years ago and that her mother introduced her to Kelly backstage at one of his concerts. She is adamant that she is not a hostage.

R. Kelly, through his rep’ and attorney, has repeatedly denied the ‘sex cult’ allegations and has threatened to sue those making such claims. On a side note, a new report just came out confirming that Kelly’s upcoming concert ticket sales are still booming and have not been affected by the current scandal surrounding his name. Thoughts ILOSM fam?’