Nick Cannon Says He Never Spoke To Mariah Carey’s Reportedly HIV+ Sister During Their Marriage

Posted On : August 22, 2019

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Mariah Carey’s estranged sis,’ Alison Carey, may not be happy to hear what her ex-brother-in-law, Nick Cannon, had to say about her, Mariah would most definitely agree with him.

Many of y’all may recall when Mariah’s sister -who’s reportedly a former prostitute- went public with claims that she is HIV+ and that Mariah pretty much left her out in the cold, which we’ll revisit in a sec.’ Well, in Nick Cannon’s new interview with DJ Vlad, he’s giving a lil’ bit more insight into Mariah’s family drama.

Nick was asked about the status of Alison Carey’s disease and her current relationship with Mariah. That’s when he revealed that he’s never spoken to Alison before in his life, not even during his entire 8 year marriage to Mariah Carey. His reasons are cut n’ dry- he does not get down with people who intentionally try to harm their family, especially if that family member is his wife.

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