Nick Cannon Says He Never Spoke To Mariah Carey’s Reportedly HIV+ Sister During Their Marriage

Posted On : August 22, 2019

Mariah Carey’s sister, Allison Carey [Facebook]
Nick said Mariah’s family was out to get here after she became famous and he could relate to that:

“I think that’s where we connected a lot. … Once you start to understand that people you grew up in the same household with, people that you thought was  gon’ ride with you for LIFE, turn to the MEDIA?!! Like, that’s CRAZY. This is the person I shared the bed with, but because of clout – it ain’t even about the money no more, because I can give you the bag! It’s about ATTENTION!”

When asked if Alison is HIV+, as she and her brother claim, Nick revealed he’s never even met her to know that personal info about her for sure, but that she could possibly be telling the truth:

“I’ve never met her [Alison Carey], but I’ve heard the story… but I stay out of it because…I was there for HER [Mariah]. I was her support system, so whatever she wanted to do…yeah, I’m there for her…like, WE squad. If we ain’t talking to sister, we ain’t talking to sister. [If] we ain’t talking to brother, we ain’t talking to brother. I’m with you…because I would expect the same thing. Like, Mariah would never speak on my family if that was the union and the bond.”

He then further expressed his shock to see “her SIBLINGS do interviews about her,” even though Mariah “looked up to” them growing up.

How Mariah’s Siblings Slammed Her In The Media

Throwback photo of Mariah Carey (R) with sister, Allison Carey (L) [Pinterest]
Between 2015 to 2016, Mariah’s sister, Alison, and brother, Morgan Carey (pictured above), were lighting her up in the press.

In case y’all missed it, heres a quick breakdown of their drama:

  • Mariah’s sister, Alison, has admittedly had a history of run-ins with the law for alleged prostitution, and a history of drug addiction in the past.
  • Alison’s claims range from Mariah not giving her money so she won’t wind up on the streets, to Mariah shutting her out of her life and not allowing her to meet her niece and nephew, Morroccan and Monroe.
  • Alison told Rolling Out that she had to go to church outreaches “to ask for assistance with food or rent, and that she “don’t want Mariah to think I only want her for her money, like everyone else does. I want her to love me again. I want her to be my sister again.
  • In 2015 Alison told Radar Online she was trapped in a psychiatric ward against her will and begged for Mariah to com and rescue her. She didn’t remember how she ended up there with a gash on her head, but she did remember allegedly being robbed by a man.
  • In 2016, their brother, Morgan blasted Mariah in an interview for being an “evil witch” and accused her of not helping their “dying” sister, Alison’s medical needs presumably to cover her complications from HIV.
  • A few months later, Alison was arrested for allegedly offering an undercover cop sexual favors while knowingly also having HIV.

None of the Carey siblings’ accusations against Mariah have been proven as of yet. There’s also more to their unfortunate family drama, but y’all pretty much get the overview of why Nick Cannon was not rockin’ with Mariah’s siblings during their marriage.