Not Again, Brandy & Christian Rapper Boyfriend Spark Breakup Rumors & He Goes Off

Posted On : July 11, 2017

Brandy and her boyfriend, Sir The Baptist, have many believing they’ve called it quits…again. Just a couple of months ago, we shared an article of R&B songstress, Brandy, with her new man, Sir The Baptist, a gospel rapper. Many people questioned their new romance and suggested that it wouldn’t last long given Brandy’s unfortunate track record with her public relationships. Dismissing the critics, Brandy quickly defended her love with her new man. It was nice to finally see her happy.

Now, for a second time in a matter of weeks, there are rumors that Brandy and Sir The Baptist are no longer a couple after Brandy posted some cryptic messages yet again on her Instagram page. What the hell happened?

Here’s What Happened:

Many of her fans were wondering if Brandy broke up with Sir, whose real name is William James Stokes, due to two powerful quotes she posted, making it sound like she was a single and ready to mingle again. On June 28th (2017), Brandy posted and then deleted the following:


Both of those quotes definitely made it seem like Brandy decided to take some time for herself. Was she just thinking about ending her relationship? Many of her Instagram fans began speculating that she’d finally said ‘Peace out’ to her dude. The cryptic messages continued as Brandy asked for someone not to “disturb” the inner God in her. She even blessed those who didn’t “deserve” to be blessed. At this point, Brandy left many people wondering who she was referring to.

Almost Doesn’t Count:

It seemed like Brandy and Sir The Baptist were moving in the right direction. Things seemed to be going so well with Brandy and Sir The Baptist, that many people thought the former Moesha star was pregnant with his mini-me. She had shared a photo Instagram of herself with what fans thought might have been the start of a baby bump. However, Brandy quickly shot down those rumors too on Instagram, by posting the following.

 “Back in the gym so y’all can stop saying I’m pregnant and it was just that time. Lol, she said beneath a fierce video of herself working out at the gym.” -Brandy

During an interview with The Grio, the gospel singer and rapper shared that he and Brandy had a great time recording their record together because she embodied what it takes to be a good woman.

“She’s the standard for a good Black woman…Good woman period,” Sir The Baptist said to The Grio.

The two solidified their romance by recording the track called “Good Ole Church Girl,” with Sir The Baptist proclaiming, “I got Brandy and Jay got Beyoncé.” While the Chicago native gushed over his new woman, the track was a celebration of good women everywhere.

So if he had Brandy, what happened when he was at the Essence Festival?

Spotted With A Woman That Wasn’t Brandy:

According to Bossip,  a close source informed them that Sir The Baptist secretly has two kids and a baby’s mother that he never told Brandy about. It was also reported that was the reason Brandy allegedly broke up with him- for withholding information. According to that same report, the babies’ mother and children of Sir The Baptist allegedly showed up at the Essence Fest’ where both Sir and Brandy were in attendance. OUCH!

In addition, Sir The Baptist went live on Instagram while at the Essence Festival. During the live feed, a fan asked him about Brandy and his reported response was a lil’ shady. With a woman at his side, Sir The Baptist didn’t act as if he was in a relationship.

“I don’t know where Brandy at fam, she’s at home somewhere,” said Sir on Instagram Live. “We good, you don’t have to ask about Brandy every time.”

Sir the Baptist Blasts The Media For Trying Him:

After being dragged on social media for allegedly ‘cheating’ on Brandy, Sir took to Instagram to defend the woman in the video:

What are your thoughts? Did Brandy and Sir The Baptist call it quits, or are they just playing with fans’ emotions?

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