Oh Lawd! See Whose NEW Product Patti Pie Fan Is Singing For Now!

Posted On : December 21, 2015

fb james wright chanelSo we all know who Youtube sensation, James Wright Chanel is by now, after he made Patti LaBelle’s pies fly off of the shelves faster than she did. Well now James is singing…no let me re-phrase that, James is SANGIN’ for yet another celebrity product- Steve Harvey’s Easy Bacon!

Yep, you read that right, James went from Patti’s pies to Steve’s bacon and he is the only person who makes eating food a holy ghost experience of some sort.
steve harvey baconJames took about 2 minutes to cook his bacon and he talked and sang us through the entire process. We’re sure Steve and his camp appreciate the love. As a matter of fact, not only did James do a review, he made an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show with his new friend, Patti LaBelle, to test Steve’s bacon. It looks like someone in Steve’s camp was swift enough to recognize a marketing opportunity when they saw it and although there is no proof of James being paid for his review, I’m pretty sure he got compensated well for this one. Check out Patti and James’ bacon review below…

We know that everyone has seen the infamous Patti’s pie review by now, so we won’t bombard you with that again, but just for the fun of it, we’ll share this hilarious older video that James did of the rap song “I’m Love With The Coco.” James turned that song into a gospel rendition, while wearing a big church lady’s hat and he had us crackin’ up! This is the only time I actually enjoyed listening to that “Coco” song, because I think that the message of pushing cocaine (coco is the slang term for cocaine) to our children on mainstream radio is ridiculous and dangerous because let’s face it, advertisement works- just like James’ viral video sold a million Patti pies, don’t be surprised if we see a spike in cocaine sales because of the rapper’s radio version of the “Coco” song, I’m just saying. Anyways, James’ Youtube mockery of “Coco” actually masked the toxic message of it for a couple minutes, and transformed it into pure comedy. Check it out below family. *This video contains a few curse words*

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