Rihanna’s Dad Fires Back At Her After She Sues Him For Exploiting Her In The Worse Way

Posted On : April 16, 2019

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As if Rihanna’s relationship with her father, Ronald Fenty, wasn’t already strained enough, he’s just made it worse with his latest response to his daughter’s claims against him.

This drama started in January 2019, when Rihanna was forced to file a lawsuit against her Pops for exploiting the hell outta her name, likeness, and her Fenty brands. She exposed her dad for pulling multi-million dollar scams through a company he and a man named Moses Perkins created, called Fenty Entertainment. “Although Mr. Fenty is Rihanna’s father, he does not have, and never has had, authority to act on Rihanna’s behalf,” stated her lawsuit.

Ronald Fenty’s Legal Response To Rihanna
Now Rihanna’s dad has just responded, in court docs, to her claims and he’s denying everything.

Via The Blast: Ronald Fenty and his company claim they did not exploit Rihanna’s image and believe she has suffered no damages as a result of him trying to run his own business.

Ronald…believes he has every right to use the name and doesn’t need his daughter’s permission on such matters. “Defendants deny that their use of “Fenty” requires authorization from Plaintiffs,” the document reads. Rihanna’s father now wants the lawsuit dismissed right away and believes he owes his daughter no money or caused any damage.

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