Wife Of Ron Isley (77) Shares Her Scary Moment About Their ‘6th Grader’ Son

Posted On : May 15, 2019

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A while back we shared photos of Ron Isley’s now 11 year old son and many were surprised that the 77 year old music legend has a child who’s young enough to be his great-grandbaby. Well, that shouldn’t have been much of a surprise, given that he has a lovely¬† wife who’s young enough to be his daughter.

As we previously reported, Ron Isley married his then 28 year old bride/backup singer, Kandy Johnson-Isley (now 42), when he was 64. The year was 2005, when Mr. and Mrs. Isley recited their vows to each other in a fairytale style wedding.

Little did anyone know, the following year, in September 2006, Ron would be sentenced to 3 years in federal prison for tax evasion. To make matters worse was the timing of it all- Kandi Isley was very pregnant with their son at the time of her husband’s sentencing.

Though many fans thought they wouldn’t last due to their 36 year age difference, they’re still together through the ups, and downs…and most importantly, they are forever grateful for their son. Fast forward to today, and Mrs. Isley has recently confessed her saddened, yet proud mommy moments about their son, who is now in 6th grade.

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