Wife Of Ron Isley (77) Shares Her Scary Moment About Their ‘6th Grader’ Son

Posted On : May 15, 2019

In a recent online post Kandy Isley shared a the below photo of their son, Ron Isley Jr., who is growing up right before our eyes. In her post, she confessed about her sadness of him venturing away from her and Ron for the first time ever as he prepped for his 6th grade trip:

Ron and Kandy Isley’s son, Ron Jr. (R) [@kandyisley Instagram]

@kandyisley- My baby headed to 6th grade camp for the next 3 days. 😫This will be the first time away from us with No phones allowed 😤😂 Letting go is tough man 😢#6thgrader #ronaldisleyjr #haveafunsafetrip #ilovemyson

Several parents hopped in the comments to encourage Kandy to keep her head up and recall the first time hey had to let their kids fly on their own. Kandy appreciated the thoughtful words and thankfully her lil’ man made it through his 6th grade trip just fine.

Ron Isley’s wife, Kandy, and son, Ron Jr. [@kandyisley Instagram]
By the way, as y’all can see, Ron Jr. growing up hella fast, and given the fact that BOTH of his parents can SANG like nobody’s business, the suspense is killing us on whether or not he’s inherited those same traits.

Guess we’ll all have to wait and see if there will actually be a ‘Mr. Biggs Jr.’ in the future. But that’s no pressure Ron Jr….no pressure at all…

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