Wow! U Won’t Believe How Good 51 YEAR OLD, Robin Givens, Is Looking Now!

Posted On : March 28, 2016

robin givens8

We’ve got much love for our man, Mike Tyson, but these pics of his ex-wife, Robin Givens’, will even make Tyson say “Thesus Chwist!”

Alright people, it’s official- 50 is the new 20. We’ve recently been coming across more and more 50-something yr. old celebs who are putting a lot of youngins out here to shame, and we think it is now safe to presume that 50 is in fact the new 20. Just ask Stephanie Mills, Angela Bassett, Vanessa A. Williams (who played “Kesha” in New Jack City), Elise Neal, Vanessa L. Williams (former Miss America), Eddie Murphy, Dr. Dre and so many others who have been on point lately.

Looking great at 51!!!

Check out how Givens has barely aged since she was using Eddie's Murphy as a boy toy in "Boomerang" 24 YEARS AGO!