Here’s The REAL Truth About The Woman Who Threw Hot Grits On Al Green

Posted On : May 19, 2015
Mary Woodson; Al Green
Mary Woodson; Al Green

We all have heard the story about the woman who threw hot grits on Al Green and many folks have even joked about it from time to time, calling him ‘Al “Grits” Green’ and such, but what many people either don’t know, or have long since forgotten about, is that the woman, Mary Woodson (Al Green’s then-girlfriend), immediately killed herself in Al Green’s bedroom after dousing him with grits, causing second and third degree burns on his back, chest and arms on that tragic night on October 18, 1974.

In fact Mary Woodson’s son, 53 year old Barry Rogers, told Vibe magazine (Vibe Mag) that he often hears jokes about his mother. “Sometimes they don’t connect it,” Rogers says. “I’ll be sitting in the barber’s chair, and they’ll talk about it, not knowing that I’m right there.” A co-worker of his once unknowingly mentioned something to him about his mother: “the bitch who threw grits on Al Green.” Barry didn’t…