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Michael Jackson; Madonna

Although “Material Girl,” Madonna, happily detailed she and Michael Jackson’s tongue kissing moments, apparently, MJ’s experience of Madonna wasn’t as pleasant as her recollection of their fling was. To our surprise, Michael kept it ALL the way real about Madonna in taped conversation with his friend. You gotta hear Michael explain this in his own words…it’s quite entertaining to say the least…


After Michael Jackson’s untimely passing in 2009, his friend, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, did an interview with NBC News host, Meredith Viera, revealing that MJ was aware that their discussions about Madonna were taped. So, the Rabbi shared this one publicly (full audio of Michael’s taped convo at bottom of page).

Michael Jackson: Madonna laid the law down to me before we went out. “I am not going to Disneyland, okay? That´s out,” I said, “But I didn´t ask you to go to Disneyland.” She said, “We are going to the restaurant and afterwards we are going to a strip bar.” I said, “I am not going to a strip bar.” [With] guys who cross-dress!

MJ: Afterwards she wrote some mean things about me in the press and I wrote that she is a nasty witch, after I was so kind to her. I have told you that we were at the table eating and some little kids came up. “Oh my God. Michael Jackson and Madonna. Can we have your autograph?” She said, “Get out of here. Leave us alone.” I said, “Don´t ever talk to children like that.” She said, “Shut up.” I said, “You shut up.” That´s how we were. Then we went out again and went to the Academy Awards and she is not a nice person. I have to say it. She is not a nice person.

Shmuley Boteach: Did the people around you feel that it was important to be seen with her?

MJ: They knew nothing about it. This was totally between her and me.


Madonna and Michael Jackson

“I think she was sincerely in love with me and I was not in love with her”

MJ: At the time I was with Madonna she was into these books, a whole library of books of women who were tied to walls. She said. “I love spanky books.” Why do I want to see that?

SB: I think a lot of it is the image. She once said something to the effect that she would much rather read a good book than have sex. I think the other vulgar stuff is part of the outrageous image she tries to cultivate.

Michael continued…

MJ: She´s lying [about preferring to read a book]. I can´t judge. I don´t know if she has changed or if she [is] trying to claim she has changed. […] I think she likes shock value and she knows how to push buttons on people. I think she was sincerely in love with me and I was not in love with her. She did a lot of crazy things and that´s how that went. I knew we had nothing in common. But I am pretty sure that having a baby has to change you. I don’t know how much she has changed, I´m sure she is a better person than before.


Michael Jackson and Madonna on a reported date

MJ: How would you like getting a phone call and she is telling you that she is putting her fingers between her legs. I would say, “Oh Madonna, please.” She said, “What I want you to do when you hang up the phone is to rub yourself and think of me”. That´s the kind of stuff she says. When I see her she says: “This is the finger I used last night”. Wild, out of control.

SB: But you were raised that all things romantic should have a certain modesty…Have you ever found women who are a bit more modest to be more attractive for that reason?

MJ: Yeah. I don´t like the women who are always saying, “My nails need to be done. I have to do my toes. I need a manicure”. I hate all that. I like it when girls are a little bit more tomboyish. If they wrestle, climb a tree. I love that… It is sexier to me. I like class though. Class is everything.


Listen to Michael Jackson’s taped conversation about Madonna below…

I tell ya’ we learn something new around here everyday. And by the way, MJ wasn’t into Madonna, but he definitely loved the ladies, just ask his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie Mills; as well as Chilli (of TLC); actress, Tatum O’Neal; Beyonce’; MJ’s former personal female chef; and the list goes on and on. Hmmm…they all have stories to tell about him.

In recent years, a LOT of previously unknown information has emerged about the details of O.J. Simpson’s 1995 murder trial. Some of the more interesting findings were made by highly renowned private investigator,  William C. Dear. He’s spent several years vigorously investigating the events surrounding the 1994 murders of O.J.’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

In Dear’s book, O’J. Is Guilty But Not Of Murder, he exposed details that were never publicized in the media.

Dear has provided findings to back his claims – that it was not O.J. who committed the murders. According to Dear, it was O.J.’s  eldest son, Jason Simpson (who was in his early 20’s at the time), who did so. Peep some of the details Dear’s book and investigation:

O.J. Protected Son From Prosecution, Claims Investigator

Via [O.J.] hired a prominent criminal defense attorney for Jason the day after the murders. …

Dear is convinced that O.J. visited the crime scene, accounting for the drops of Brown’s and Goldman’s blood that did show up in his car and at his home. But by the time O.J. arrived, the killer had already gone, Dear believes.

Dear theorizes that the killings were committed by someone Brown knew and would have opened her door to, someone capable of pathological brutality, someone who would have alerted O.J. Simpson to the crime, and someone O.J. would protect from prosecution by risking his own freedom. He thinks that person is Jason Simpson.

Private investigator and author of “O.J. Is Guilty But Not Of Murder,” William C. Dear

Jason Simpson’s Reported Criminal Violent History

Via Business Insider:

– Prior to the killings, O.J.’s son Jason was diagnosed with “intermittent rage disorder” (AKA Jekyll and Hyde syndrome) and was given the drug Depakote to control his rage and seizures.

– Jason abused alcohol, ecstasy, and cocaine as early as age 14. Police reports indicate that he was arrested at least four times (including DUI, driving with a suspended license, and assault with a deadly weapon) while medical records reveal at least three suicide attempts.

– In his past, Jason had nearly killed a girlfriend (with a knife) and almost seriously injured another in fits of rage.

– [Jason Simpson] wrote about killing anyone who hurt his loved ones and how he felt like “Jekyll and Hyde” (in diaries obtained by Dear).

According to Village Voice, Investigator Dear ‘says law enforcement officials should have known that at the time of the killings, Jason was on probation for assault with a deadly weapon — he’d attacked a former employer with a knife.’ The publication also noted Dear found ‘that Jason attacked two former girlfriends, choking one until friends pulled him away and angrily cutting off the other’s hair with a knife.’

Jason Simpson’s Reported Psychological Disorder Diagnosis


Family and friends rejoice in courtroom after O.J. Simpson is found not guilty of murdering Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman; O.J.’s son, Jason Simpson, seated 2nd from right

Via BI:

– Prior to the killings, O.J.’s son Jason was diagnosed with “intermittent rage disorder” (AKA Jekyll and Hyde syndrome) and was given the drug Depakote to control his rage and seizures.
– A note titled “Dear Jason” that described the writer as being three persons was identified by handwriting experts as being written by Jason Simpson.

– In January 1994, six months before the killings, Jason went to the emergency room because he heard voices of people who weren’t there and said he felt as if he was “going to rage” because he ran out of Depakote. He stopped taking Depakote two months before the murders.

– Four doctors reviewed the investigative material along with Jason’s records and determined that “Jason Simpson is psychologically disturbed and in need of help.”

– Jason’s psychiatrist said that “if Jason was guilty he could never be convicted because of his mental condition.”

O.J.’s Son, Jason, Was Professionally Skilled With Knives, Says Friend

Via BI: – One of Jason’s ex-classmates informed Dear that Jason was trained in hand-to-hand combat as well as field knife training while attending the Army and Navy Academy, whereas O.J. hates the sight of blood.

Dear says the autopsies showed consistency with the type of knife Jason was reportedly skilled in using in combat training.

Via VV: Autopsies showed that Brown and Goldman were killed by a thin, single-edged blade, and Dear solicited help from forensic experts who assured him that a chef’s boning knife, for example, would be consistent with the murder weapon — which has never been found. Jason also testified that he departed from work that night just as he always did, carrying his personal set of chef’s knives.

Investigator Found Suspicious Knife, Cap, And Photos In Jason’s Storage

Via BI: – Dear bought contents of a storage locker owned by Jason Simpson around the time of the murders and found a knife that matched the description of the murder weapon. “After examination of [Jason’s] knife by a world-renowned forensic scientist, the butt of the knife appears to match the blow/injury Nicole Simpson suffered on the top of her head.” (Whereas O.J.’s Swiss Army knife and stiletto were conclusively ruled out as the murder weapon.)

– The black “navy watch cap” found at the crime scene contained animal hair and hair fibers that did not match O.J.

– Photographs obtained from Jason’s storage locker show that Jason wore watch caps often. One (dated 3/24/93) shows him sitting with his dog while wearing a cap identical to the one found at the crime scene.

Via Dear’s book, “O.J. Is Guilty But Not Of Murder,” William C. Dear

O.J.’s Son ‘Had No Alibi,’ Says Investigator

The murders of Goldman and Brown-Simpson are estimated to have occurred ‘sometime between 10:15 and 10:40.’ Investigator Dear says Jason Simpson’s timeline didn’t add up.

Via BI: – The murders took place between 9:45 and 10:05 p.m. Jason was by himself after approximately 9:50 p.m. and “has no alibi that can be supported by anyone else as to where he was while the killings occurred.”

– Jason’s time card for the night of the murders was handwritten, even though the electronic time clock was working.

Via VV: Jason testified in his deposition that the restaurant, Jackson’s, closed early that night, and that he left between 10 and 10:30, when he was picked up by his girlfriend. He said that after dropping his girlfriend off at her home, he went to his apartment alone and watched TV until 3 a.m. … Dear writes that the girlfriend told him she picked Jason up earlier, before 10 p.m. And other Jackson’s employees Dear tracked down said Jason left as early as 9:30 p.m.

Via Dear’s book, “O.J. Is Guilty But Not Of Murder,”

Investigator On Why O.J. Should Have Been Ruled Out As Suspect

Via BI: – The LAPD found 15 separate unidentified fingerprints at the crime scene. None belonged to O.J., and police never compared Jason’s fingerprints.

– “Investigators found blood and skin under Nicole’s fingernails … along with blood drops on her back that didn’t match those of O.J.” (Jason was never interviewed and never gave a DNA sample.)

– Based on pictures of Ron Goldman’s badly bruised and swollen hands, he must have struck hard blows to the assailant, and he was a 3rd degree black belt. The next day O.J. voluntarily stripped at the LAPD, and there were no marks or bruises that indicated he had been in a scuffle.

– Three crime scene experts studied the investigative material and determined that “Jason Simpson should have been considered a major suspect in the murders.”

Investigator On Why Jason Simpson Possibly Was Enraged With Nicole Brown-Simpson

Via VV: Dear says that…in his deposition, Jason said he had asked Nicole to bring her family to his restaurant on June 12 following his half sister Sydney’s dance recital, an event he was unable to attend because of his job. Nicole agreed, and Jason testified that this pleased him greatly. Dear paints a portrait of Jason as a son who had been only a disappointment to his football-legend father, and who desperately wanted recognition for his own talents as a cook. Jason, according to Dear, looked forward to showing off for Brown and her relatives, and he’d bought special foods to prepare for the night. But on June 11, Brown changed her plans, telling Jason his restaurant was too far away and too expensive, he testified.

Dear theorizes that after dropping off his girlfriend, Jason went to Brown’s Bundy Drive condo to confront her about ruining his big night. Brown’s response may have angered Jason.

After killing Brown and Goldman — who had simply walked up at the wrong time — Jason would have called his father in a state of hysteria, Dear writes. O.J. Simpson, unsure if his troubled son had committed such a horrible crime or merely hallucinated it, decided to investigate. Donning gloves and a knit cap in a hurried attempt at a disguise, he arrived at the scene and, shocked at the carnage, dropped his left glove and cap. O.J. then rushed back to Rockingham, dropped the right glove, and was seen hurrying into the house by limousine driver Allan Park.

Such a scenario, Dear writes, would explain some of O.J.’s strange responses in the wake of the crime — for example, why he didn’t ask police officers informing him of Brown’s death how she died (since he knew very well she had been knifed) and why he failed a polygraph examination conducted by his own attorneys. Why his escape attempt seemed so confused.- Village Voice

Thoughts ILOSM fam’?

Who are the three lovely young ladies in the above photo? Well, there isn’t a simple answer to such a complicated question. These ladies go by the name, The Womack Sisters. So, your first guess would likely be ‘They must be Bobby Womack’s daughters,’ right? Nope, their truth is far more complex. So lets dig into their truth — it begins with Sam Cooke. Follow me on this web of relationships that produced these beautiful young ladies with a last name so renowned and respected in soul music.

The Breakdown Of Their Complicated, Yet Iconic Family Tree

Sam Cooke

Soul singer, Sam Cooke, married his then-wife, Barbara Cooke. After Sam passed away, Barbara then married his close friend, blues music legend, Bobby Womack. Barbara already had a daughter, Linda Cooke, who is the child from her prior marriage to Sam Cooke. Then the plot thickened even further. So, not only did Barbara and Bobby Womack wed, but Bobby had an affair with…wait for it…Barbara’s then-young daughter, Linda Cooke!

Bobby Womack

Yes, Bobby Womack married Sam Cooke’s widow, Barbara, and eventually began an affair with her and Sam’s daughter; Linda (for which he got shot, but that’s another story) during their marriage. You following me thus far ILOSM fam’? Okay, good. But hol’ up, wait a minute though…there’s more…

[L] Sam Cooke with then-wife, Barbara Cooke; [R] Bobby Womack with then-wife, Barbara Cooke, whom he married shortly after his friend, Sam’s passing
Linda Cooke (pictured below) then breaks up with her stepfather-turned-boyfriend, Bobby Womack. Linda began dating Bobby’s BROTHER, Cecil Womack, whom she eventually married, taking on the name Linda Cooke-Womack. Linda and Cecil had seven children together….hence, you have The Womack Sisters!

In short, The Womack Sisters are the children of Linda Cooke-Womack (Sam Cooke’s daughter) and Cecil Womack (Bobby Womack’s brother). They are also the granddaughters of both Sam Cooke, and his — and Bobby Womack’s — ex-wife, Barbara Cooke. And their Mother’s ex-boyfriend is their uncle, Bobby Womack. Whew…that was a loaded entanglement to unpack wasn’t it?!!

The Womack Sisters’ Parents, Cecil and Linda Womack

The Womack Sisters’ parents, Linda Cooke-Womack (Sam Cooke’s daughter Bobby Womack’s former stepdaughter-turned-ex-girlfriend), and Cecil Womack (Bobby Womack’s brother)

By the way, Linda and Cecil Womack had a successful recording career under the name, Womack & Womack, penning songs for artists such as Wilson Pickett, James Taylor, Teddy Pendergrass, Patti Labelle, Debbie Harry, Eric Clapton and Elton John.

Watch The Womack Sisters Perform – They Can SANG!

The Womack Sisters Zeimani, KC and BG

What do The Womack Sisters do, you ask? Their R&B group consists of sisters, BG, KC, and Imani – three soulful vocalists and songwriters, who also sometimes go by the name:

The Womack Sisters are performing to crowds of 10,000 plus, working with the Rolling Stones, Kid Rock, Bonnie Rait, Ozzy Osborne, Annie Lennox and many more, are all in their own way life changing moments that have crafted the sound, the feel and the depth of the Womack Sisters.

Wow, what a rollercoaster! But we’re glad to see that The Womack Sisters are in touch with their musical roots, because those ladies can SANG. Check out one of their live performances below…

As you can see, those musical genes rom their iconic family tree runs all up, down, and through their DNA. Wishing The Womack Sisters much continued success.

And simply because we dig Sam Cooke’s and Bobby Womack’s music, here at I Love Old School Music, enjoy two of their classics below…

Bobby Womack’s “If You Think You’re Lonely Now”

Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”

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[L] Black Rob; [R] Sean “Diddy” Combs
Sadly, we have lost another rapper way too young, ILOSM family. Rap artist, Black Rob, has died at age 51. He’s most familiar for his stint on Bad Boy Records roster as the rapper who brought us the hit song, “Whoa” back in 2000.

Though the brotha was only 51 years young, he’d been battling  a series of health issues in recent years.

Unfortunately, Black Rob reportedly died today (Saturday, April 17, 2021) from kidney failure, which he is said to have been battling for a long while.

His friend, New York radio personality DJ Self, broke the news of Black Rob’s passing on social media:

”Lord knows i tried to get help …… I’m sad to say RIP to Black Rob.”


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In recent days, DJ Self was with Black Rob as the rapper neared what we now know were clearly his last days. It’s heartbreaking, but Self was dedicated to using his platform to let fans witness the condition his friend was in. He captioned one video post with, “Black Rob speaks!!!! I feel it’s better you hear from him.”

In the video, Black Rob shared that he’d been struggling with health issues for the past five years, which included several strokes and other health battles. At one point in the video, Rob seemed tired of enduring all that he was going through, as he transparently confessed, “I need some rest, man. Really, man, I need some rest.” According to reports, Black Rob was also allegedly homeless toward the end of his life, which he appeared to reference in the video below as well.


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Black Rob Paid Tribute To DMX From His Hospital Bed, Days Before He Passed

On April 9th, approximately one week before Black Rob passed away, DJ Self shared a video of Rob from his hospital bed, as he paid homage to the late Ruff Ryders rap legend, DMX. X sadly passed away at age 50 that same day  after complications from a drug overdose days earlier. At that time, DJ Self also urged fans to keep Black Rob in their prayers, urging him to “Get well man Please people out there take care of yourself BR was one of the greats Had NY on his back like Whaooo.”
Watch Black Rob’s message below…


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It’s unclear if Black Rob was still pursuing music after leaving Bad Boy Records years ago. However, he did reunite with Diddy and the rest of the Bad Boy camp in 2016 for the “Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.”

Our deepest condolences to Black Rob’s family and loved ones. He’s no longer in pain. Rest well king.

If you love ’70s TV shows and films, you probably remember seeing the beautiful actress, Marlene Clark, in at least one of them (and she’s still beautiful by the way…scroll down for photo). She starred in several 1960’s and 1970’s films, including Night of the Cobra Woman, Switchblade Sisters, Black Mamba, and others, but her most popular role to date is probably that of “Lamont’s” (Demond Wilson) fiancée on Sanford and Son.

Just as fans were getting used to seeing “Janet” on the Sanford and Son, she was soon out of “Lamont’s” life and off the show. But in real life, Marlene (now 71) was just getting started. A few years prior to her 1976 appearances on Sanford and Son, she married one of the most popular actors of the ’70s era, but many people never even knew they had a thing going on.

Who Is Her Ex-Husband?

Embed from Getty Images

Marlene Clark’s ex-husband is the legendary Billy Dee Williams! Who would’ve thought it, right? They actually made a good couple back in the day, but their marriage didn’t last past 3 years. They wed in 1968…divorced in 1971.

For a few years after their divorce, Marlene kept it pushin’ with her acting career. In fact, she landed even more acting gigs than before, which not only included Sanford and Son, but also TV shows, like What’s Happening and Barnaby Jones.

Surprising Facts About Marlene’s Clark’s Life

Marlene Clark

Here are a few very interesting Old School facts about Marlene, from her prior interview with interviewer,Chris Poggiali:

1. SMH…She was almost ‘gang raped’ by a group of little people on a movie set.

Yep, you read that right. Marlene explained that while working on the set of the 1974 film, Black Mamba, she was almost raped by 24 midgets at one time, during filming! Wait…WHAT???:

“There’s a scene where I get raped by two dozen midgets, and when they jumped on me, half of them didn’t know they were supposed to be acting. They were all pulling their pants down. I said, ‘Oh no! Whoa! It’s time for me to leave, ‘cause these midgets are really trying to rape me!’ The director said ‘Marlene, wait…’ and started yelling at them, ‘No, this is play! This is pretend!’ I was looking around, like ‘Where’s the plane? Get me on that plane!’” – Marlene Clark

2. While filming the 1969 film, Putney Swope, Marlene and several of her female co-stars were tricked into doing a topless scene, but she took it all in stride.

Marlene Clark

“That was my first experience with onscreen nudity,” says [Marlene] Clark, who plays a topless stewardess in the film’s Lucky Airlines commercial spoof. “Bob Downey lied to all of us. He said, ‘Take off your tops. You’re out of focus. Nobody will see anything’ — and we were so stupid, we believed him. Of course, when I saw the movie, I was speechless. Not only was I not out of focus, I couldn’t have been more in focus!” she laughs.

Marlene Clark is no longer in the acting game and the last we heard, she was living a very quiet life in Los Angeles, Ca. She is 66 years young now and a few years back she said that she was really enjoying working at a popular L.A. restaurant as the general manager. As far as getting in front of the camera again, she says she’s open to it, but for now that chapter of her life is closed and she’s grateful for having had those experiences in entertainment that took her around the world and back.

ILoveOldSchoolMusic, old school news with a new point of view


[L] Kim Fields; [Throwback pic of Kim’s sister, actress Alexis Fields with her then-“Roc” cast mates
Alexis Fields -better known as Kim Fields’ lil’ sis,’ or as actress, Chip Fields youngest baby- is widely known to us Old Schoolers as the teen actress from 90’s sitcoms, “Sister, Sister,” “Moesha,” or as the kid from “Roc”; some may even know her from “Keenan and Kel.” Well those were her youngin’ years and she was a cute little lady then, but now our girl, Alexis, is ALL woman! Check her out today…


fb kim fields sis and roc

Alexis was beautiful child back in her “Roc” TV show days, but today she’s 34 years old; married with two children; the splitting image of she and Kim’s mother, Chip; and she ain’t afraid to show us what she’s workin’ with. Check out Alexis Fields and her fam’ now…


Bam! As you can see some things have, uh….changed for Alexis and we’re sure her fans appreciate her many gifts- for those of you with your minds in the gutter we’re talking about her acting gifts of course 😏.

Alexis Fields’ then vs. now photo

Alexis posted the following before-and-after photos, hilariously captioning it with, “God, we thank you,” in reference to her thick-a-licious transformation into adulthood.

Kim Field’s lil’ sis, Alexia Fields, now

Bam! As you can see some things have, uh….changed for Alexis and we’re sure her fans appreciate her many gifts- for those of you with your minds in the gutter we’re talking about her acting gifts of course 😏.


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Doesn’t Alexis look just like her Mom, Chip Fields (below), during her “Good Times” days?!!

Chip Fields good times


**Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.18.11 PM **


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Check out pics of her husband of 10 years and their beautiful children…


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.16.26 PM
Alexis Fields with husband, Kevin Jackson

Alexis and her husband, Kevin Jackson, have been married for 15 years. Their two mini-me’s – son, Kaden; and daughter, Kaycie –  are adorable…


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Alexis Paid Homage To Mom’s and Kim’s Sacrifices Ann Hard Work
In one online post, Alexis posted the following throwback pic of herself with he sis,’ Kim Fields, and mother, Chip Fields. Her caption paid homage to both of them, while also detailing the struggles and hard work they endured back in the day:

Throwback photo of actress, Chip Fields [R], with daughters, Kim [C] and Alexis Fields [L]

“On May 12, 1969, my mother gave birth to my sister, Kim, at the age of 17. She had no idea what God would do in their lives. She was a young mother, but she was strong and determined. So, nevertheless, she persisted. They didn’t have much, but that strong, young mother eventually found a way to make it to California to give them both a better life. And better it was. When they arrived, they had a song they would sing….”Look out world….look out Hills….here comes Chip…and Kim Fields….” They came and they conquered. They continue to be fearless and strong. They continue to pave the way and set the bar. This is the legacy I was blessed to be born into. God has had a plan since the beginning. I’m so grateful for the strength of my mother. She has made so many sacrifices and given so much of herself for us. She is my best friend and I love her beyond words. Kimmy…..your power, your resilience…your beauty, your faith, your perseverance continues to inspire me. I am so grateful that you were born. You’ve accomplished so much, but the best is yet to come. I love you!!!!!”

Watch The Fields Sister’s Live


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Regina Belle

We loved when Regina Belle was blowing up the radio in the 80’s and 90s with jams like “Baby Come To Me,” “Make It Like It Was,” “If I Could,” “A Whole New World,” and her her many other fire songs that’ll forever be etched in our old school memories. Regina was like our little known R&B gem- She’s highly underrated, but also highly gifted and well-respected as a legend among her peers and R&B music lovers. Another little known fact about Regina is that she and her NBA husband have five children together and the one you’re about to see is damn near like her clone…


Regina Belle; her daughter, Nyla Battle

Do y’all see how much Nyla is her mother’s twin?!! Geesh! Looking at this pic kind of makes you feel like Nyla’s about to start singing “A Whole New World” any minute.

Regina Belle, daughter, Nyla Battle

Regina giving her baby a kiss…

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 11.39.27 AM



A few years ago Regina shared photos from her now-24 year old daughter, Nyla’s, baby shower and if we didn’t know any better, we’d think we were looking at pictures of Regina Belle circa 1988.
Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 11.49.13 AMRegina Belle and her husband, John S. Battle III (former NBA player for The Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers) with their daughter, Nyla…

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 11.43.38 AM

They Get It From Their Mama

Regina Belle and John S. Battle III have a total of five children, but it’s Nyla and her sister, Milan, who followed in their Mommy’s musical footsteps…
Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 11.40.33 AMFun fact: Regina Belle and John are both ministers now. They pastor at their two churches in Atlanta, GA.

Ray Charles with daughter, Sheila Raye Charles

The life of one of Ray Charles’ 12 children, Sheila Raye Charles, proved that being the daughter of an icon doesn’t make one exempt from leading a tumultuous lifestyle. Some years ago, Sheila (now deceased) shared her painful story of struggles with her Father and how she ended up spending years in prison.


The life Sheila Raye Charles lived is not what many would expect. She revealed that her prior 20-year crack cocaine addiction resulted in three separate stints in federal prison on crack-related charges. Sheila also revealed she had five children by four men, but lost custody of all of them due to her drug abuse, which caused her son to be born prematurely, weighing only 14 ounces:

“I denied my children. Try living with that! I tell you it cannot be done. That is why I chose death – the death found inside rock (crack) and pipe. Behind concrete and bars, I fought for life.” -Sheila Raye Charles


Sheila Raye Charles

Sheila said she didn’t meet her dad, Ray Charles, until the age of 14. She was sexually abused as a child. Two years later, she was in a serious car accident that lodged her right eye into the back of her skull, taking her years to recover.

A few years later, she tried to follow her dad’s musical footsteps, with her dad’s help. Although she managed to tour with DeBarge and record at Prince’s Paisley Park studio once, her career was unsuccessful. She still struggled with daddy abandonment issues stemming from childhood, and spent years trying to break free from his shadow…eventually ending up on crack.

Sheila once confessed that one of her lowest points was just before her third prison stint. Her Mother, Sandra Jean Betts, had died. Her dad, Ray Charles, was no longer returning her calls, said Sheila.


Years after detailing her struggles publicly, Sheila Raye Charles passed way in 2017 at age 53, following a lengthy battle with breast cancer. Thankfully, prior to her passing, she had long since kicked her drug addiction. rekindled her singing career, and reconnected with some of her children. FYI: the 14 ounce baby is now a 100% healthy young man.

Sheila married her husband, Michael “Tony” Steptoe, in 2010 and became a devout Christian. She and Tony- a former drug dealer who changed his life after being released from prison in 2008- developed One Way Up Prison Ministry, where they used their life stories to encourage prison inmates that they, too, can make a change for the better. They also spoke at many churches, service organizations, and recovery programs.

Sheila Raye once opened up one of her prison speaking engagements by stating:

“I know some of you out there are thinking, ‘Oh, she’s Ray Charles’s daughter; what could she have possibly been through?’ It is only by the grace of God that I’m not sitting in that chair right now.”

Job well done Sheila. Rest on queen.

Source1, Source2, Source3

ILOSM family, the adorable little girl in the above photo was a little diva the and later became a grown diva who can SANG! Matter of fact, she will sing circles around many of these new R B singers nowadays…on any day of the week. She’s now 50 years old and is still doing her thing in the music industry and beyond. Oh…and by the way, did we mention that she has an adult child with a very well-known rap legend? Think you guessed who she is correctly? Scroll down for the details on this songstress and her child’s father…

Who Is She?

She’s none other than Coko Clemons of SWV!

Coko Clemons of SWV

Here is some info that will probably surprise quite a few people. Coko was in a relationship and had a child with a rapper who was very popular in the 90’s. He is a member of a rap group and for a while, they dominated the airwaves with their hits…they even won a Grammy and sold millions of records. Their music is timeless and is classic to old school hip hop heads.

How the two of them managed to keep their past relationship and child out of the public’s eye back when both of them were in two of the hottest groups of the 90’s, is beyond us! See who Coko’s child calls ‘Dad’ below…

Digable Planets rapper, Ishmael (Remember Him?)

Tah-dah!!! The father of Coko Clemons’ son, Jazz, is none other than “Mr. Cool Like Cat,” Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler, of the legendary 90’s rap group, Digable Planets!

Ishmael of Digable Planets

You may not have known his name, but if you were bobbing your head to rap classics back in the day, you definitely know his group. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Digable Planets, they were one of the main groups to fuse a jazz sound with unique hip hop vocals and their hit, “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” sent them into another stratosphere in the 90’s. Here is the video for that song…

Below is a throwback pic of Coko’s and Ishmael’s son, Jazz, who is a splitting image of his Pops…coko and son

As far as Ishmael and Coko’s relationship, Coko admitted that they weren’t together for long, but they were in love. Their son was born in 1997 and here is what Coko revealed about them in a 2000 interview she did with Honey Magazine:

“People would ask us, ‘What do y’all talk about?’ because we’re really different,” says Coko of her ex. A shy laugh gets caught in her voice. “I watch TV, he doesn’t. I eat fried food and pork. He doesn’t. So some things were really weird, but he taught me a lot and he learned some things from me. But I think we were too different for it to really last.” Coko smiles as she talks of him, and though she initially claimed she was mad at Ishmael at the time of the interview, it’s clear the two are still good friends.

“He’s a good father,” she continues, “and he was special. We have a special bond, a special relationship.” Raising her eyebrows and lightening her tone, she adds, “He’s a good man. He’s going to make somebody a good husband.”

Ishmael wasn’t the only artist who Coko dated, she was also in a relationship with another popular 90’s entertainer who was also a member of a popular group, only this time he was an R&B cat, not a rapper.

Coko Also Dated A Shai Singer…

Garfield Bright of Shai

Coko and Garfield Bright of the 90’s group, Shai, were a couple back in the day too!

Remember Shai? They had EVERYBODY singing the lyrics to their 90’s love song: “And if I ever fall in love again. I will be sure that the lady is my freeing, and if I ever fall in love so true baby, I will be sure that the lady’s just like you-ooo-ooo.” Okay I couldn’t resist singing that line just now, but I digress.

R. Kelly

In a 2016 interview with GQ, R. Kelly sat down with writer Chris Heath, and agreed not to hold back on revealing his truths. Although there are many moments where it is obvious that R. Kelly does hold back, and even admits that he won’t talk about specific things, Kelly was straightforward about his sexual experiences as a child, as he also was in his book, “Soulacoaster.”

The now-imprisoned R. Kelly believes the sexual abuse he suffered is something that is passed down from generation to generation, so that in each new generation, victim becomes perpetrator. Check out excerpts from his interview below.

On not having a father in his life:

“If I could change anything, I would definitely have had a father around. My father. I would definitely say it affected me deeply as a young man, coming up. Who doesn’t want a father? Those are the beginnings, and those are what can dictate the roads you choose in life, and choosing them well. And it affected me.”

R. Kelly never told a soul about the sexual abuse he endured, until his 2012 memoir, “Soulacoaster”:

It was something he “put so far in the back of my mind that I even forgot about it.” This wasn’t the history he wanted for the person he was becoming: “As I got older, the more I just didn’t want it to be in my past. The more I became successful.” He was determined that the R. Kelly the world would know—the one who would sell more than 30 million albums, have 36 Billboard Hot 100 hits, invent his own strange musical language, write hits for countless others, and conceive one of the weirdest syntheses of video and music of all time, Trapped in the Closet—would be someone else. “I didn’t want that to be something that was in my luggage once I got to my success home, so to speak.”

R. Kelly’s childhood photo

R. Kelly says he had several sexual violations done to him as a child, including one by a trusted, male family friend who tried to persuade him to ‘masturbate him for money,’ which R. Kelly says he refused:

“It was a crazy weird experience,” he tells me. “But not a full-blown experience, because it didn’t go down. Contact sexual—no. A visual—absolutely. A visual from him showing me his penis and all that stuff.” But he describes in his memoir how the full-on sexual abuse that lasted for several years (it was oral sex the first time, though he tells me it soon became intercourse) started one day when Kelly fell asleep in front of the TV and was awoken from “a crazy dream about Three’s Company” to find a woman playing with him:

I tried to push her away, but she wouldn’t stop until she was finished. When she was, she said, “You better not say sh*t to no one or else you gonna get a terrible whupping.”

The book says nothing about how this woman was connected to Kelly, other than implying that she was a regular presence in their home, but while we talk he refers to her as a relative. He doesn’t say this as though he expects it to be any kind of revelation to me, more as though he assumes I already know it. I wonder if he even realizes she wasn’t described like that in the book.

“At first, I couldn’t judge it,” he says to me, when I ask him if he realized at the time that a really bad thing was happening. “I remember it feeling weird. I remember feeling ashamed. I remember closing my eyes or keeping my hands over my eyes. I remember those things, but couldn’t judge it one way or the other fully.”

And did that change over time?

“Over time, yeah. I remember actually, after a couple of years, looking forward to it sometimes. You know, acting like I didn’t, but did.”

How often would the abuse happen?

“Oh wow. It became a regular thing. Every other day, every other week.”

How many years did it go on for?

“As far as I can remember, about [age] 7 or 8 to maybe 14, 15. Something like that.”

Did anything in particular make it stop?

“When I started having a girlfriend, I felt really bad about it. Then I started getting older and knowing that’s just not supposed to happen—family members. And I think it started getting scary for them because I just started acting really different about it, and I think it became a turnoff to them, and a scary thing.”

Was the person doing this still around in your life?

“People can say, ‘Hey, well, he’s just trying to protect hisself.’ Well, I have nothing to protect myself from. …
“Absolutely. But eventually they stopped being around me.”

Are they still around now?

“No, I haven’t seen them in so long.”

What Happened When He Confronted His Abuser

R. Kelly
Did you ever have a discussion with them about it?

“Tried to, but.”

How long ago was that?

“Maybe eight, nine years ago. Didn’t want to talk about it. Didn’t own up to it. Told me, ‘Sometime when you’re kids, you think you’ve been through something, or did something, that you didn’t do, probably was a dream.’ Things like that. But it was definitely not a dream.”

They’re an actual blood relative?

“Yeah. Yeah.”

What do you think now about what they did?

“I, well, definitely forgive them. As I’m older, I look at it and I know that it had to be not just about me and them, but them and somebody older than them when they were younger, and whatever happened to them when they were younger. I looked at it as if there was a sort of like, I don’t know, a generational curse, so to speak, going down through the family. Not just started with her doing that to me.”

ILOSM family, do you think that R. Kelly is suggesting that he has become the “perpetrator?”  His details about the sexual abuse he endured as a child – though disheartening – sure does likely explain a lot about the man he became later in life.

If there’s anything to gain from this, it’s that, the effort to stop this kind of sexual abuse has to start with our own families, by educating our children so that they are aware of what is happening, and how to prevent it.