Guess Who! Born In A Family History Of Cheating, Violence, Death & Music

Posted On : January 27, 2016
The Womack Sister (Photo Credit:
The Womack Sisters (Photo Credit: Zeimani, BG, and KC

Ok, this is not a simple answer to a very complicated question. These beautiful ladies go by The Womack Sisters, so your first guess would be; Bobby Womack? Nope, it’s much more complicated than that. So lets get to it, and it begins with Sam Cooke! No, it’s not his children, but follow me on this web of relationships that produced these beautiful young ladies with a last name renowned and respected in soul music.

The Womack Sisters
The Womack Sisters

Ok, we go…Sam Cooke married a woman named Barbara Campbell, and after Sam Cooke passed away, Barbara then married Bobby Womack. Barbara already had a child named Linda Cooke, who is the child from her marriage to Sam Cooke. So now you have Barbara and Bobby Womack, married, but Bobby begins an affair with Barbara’s daughter.

Yes, Bobby Womack married Sam Cooke’s widow and began an affair with her daughter; Linda (for which he got shot, but that’s another story).

Linda then leaves Bobby and begins dating his BROTHER, Cecil Womack, whom she married and had seven (7) children….hence you have The Womack Sisters!

So in short, The Womack Sisters are the children of Linda Cooke Womack (Sam Cooke’s daughter) and Cecil Womack (Bobby Womack’s brother). So these are Same Cooke’s granddaughters. And if you didn’t know Linda and Cecil Womack had a successful recording career under the name Womack & Womack, penning songs for artists such as Wilson Pickett, James Taylor, Teddy Pendergrass, Patti Labelle, Debbie Harry, Eric Clapton and Elton John.

Linda Cooke Womack and Cecil Womack

So what are The Womack Sisters doing? The Womack Sisters are BG KC and Imani three Soulful vocalist and songwriters, which they sometimes go by the name; Ejyptsian Queen.

The Womack Sisters are performing to crowds of 10,000 plus, working with the Rolling Stones, Kid Rock, Bonnie Rait, Ozzy Osborne, Annie Lennox and many more, are all in their own way life changing moments that have crafted the sound, the feel and the depth of the Womack Sisters.

sam cooke4
Sam Cooke

Wow, what a rollercoaster! But we’re glad to see that they are in touch with their musical roots, and these girls can blow. Check them out here performing their grandfather’s song, “A Change Is Gonna Come”.