He’s The Grandson Of One Of The Biggest Sports Icons Ever

Posted On : July 6, 2018

Y’all are probably going to flip out when you see who his granddad is. This guy is a star athlete who’s football career is on the rise, but his Old School African-American granddad is one of the most popular, charismatic celebrities in the world! I’m talking about a big time celeb whom we ALL know.¬†Wait for it.

His Name Is Biaggio Ali-Walsh


Ali’s grandson’s name is Biaggio Ali-Walsh. He’s 16 years old (yep only 16), and like I said, he’s a star athlete at his high school, who many experts say will probably be a very strong prospect for the NFL eventually. His mother is Ali’s twin daughter, Rasheda Ali-Walsh and his father is Bob Walsh.

It’s Muhammad Ali! And His Grandson Is A Star Too!


BAM!!! Well looka here! It’s the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali! Are you not thoroughly surprised by this bit of info?!! We most definitely were!

So Is He Bi-Racial???

Baggio looks up to the legacy that his grandfather built so much, that he recently got his family’s name, ‘Ali,’ tattooed on his arm and he posted the photo on Twitter with a caption that simply read “Legacy”.

So although Ali was never anti-white, nor anti-any other race, he was about uplifting and preserving his own African-American race. So how did his grandson end up half Caucasian? Simple, his daughter Rasheda Ali-Walsh obviously saw the world through a different set of lenses than her father. That’s the interesting irony of it all.



Muhammad Ali clearly loves his grandson and all of his other grandchildren more than he loves himself. So at the end of it all, maybe his daughter’s decision to procreate with a White man, helped to open Ali’s eyes as well, although I’m almost willing to bet that he still feels strongly about uplifting African Americans in a society that often has a tainted view of Black people.