Remember 90s Group Changing Faces? Found ‘Em! (But It’s Not All Good)

Posted On : January 17, 2016

We haven’t heard from the 90s group, Changing Faces in quite some time. Now I know y’all remember at least 2 of their biggest singles, “Stroke You Up” and “Foolin’ Around”. They were written and produced by R. Kelly, and they were poppin’ back in 1994-95. Since then, we had not heard much from time until back in 2014 when it seems that they were having a huge falling out and couldn’t make a career comeback.

See Why Cassandra Is Suing Her Group-mate!

fb changing faces4 Changing-Faces, (L) Cassandra Lucas, (R) Cherise Rose

See what one of the group members, Cassandra Lucas said to The Hip Hop Socialite about suing her group-mate and the issues that are keeping them from making a comeback...

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