Remember 90s Group Changing Faces? Found ‘Em! (But It’s Not All Good)

Posted On : January 17, 2016

We haven’t heard from the 90s group, Changing Faces in quite some time. Now I know y’all remember at least 2 of their biggest singles, “Stroke You Up” and “Foolin’ Around”. They were written and produced by R. Kelly, and they were poppin’ back in 1994-95. Since then, we had not heard much from time until back in 2014 when it seems that they were having a huge falling out and couldn’t make a career comeback.

How dare you!

changing faces2 Changing Faces, (L) Cassandra Lucas and (R) Cherise Rose

“This is a business, and you can’t think that [affecting] someone else’s [ability to put food] on their table [is] alright. That’s not something [you can do], legally” Lucas shared. “Then you use my picture on top of that to promote the shows that you’re doing? How dare you!”
After nearly 13 years away from music, Lucas and Rose reunited in 2013 and released their comeback single “Hate Love.” However disagreements over business and musical direction led the ladies to mutually decide to scrap any reunion plans...
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